Western Mass Solar LLC.
We hope that what brings you to this page is that your wondering,
exactly what Solar Electricity is, what options we have & what different   
products we sell that can help you,
* save money
* help save the planet
All while still being affordable!
Our Products are great for our environment.
We want to make going green & energy saving affordable.
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We are a local company with our goal to make solar affordable for home owners and
small business owners alike. Our system is adaptable, so you can start out small
leaving you the option to add on each year, making your system larger along with
your savings greater each year.

** We now sell POWER SAVE! This device will cut your electricity costs. Click on
demo on left.
What Can We Do For You ?
We will provide a detailed solar site analysis with a detailed report. Showing you
best placement, solar shading etc.

We sell complete turn key grid tie solar systems to DIY kits.
We also sell DIY kits for Solar Pool Heating & Solar Hot Water.
We sell the POWER-SAVE 1200 unit,
which you will see a typical savings of aprox 10-20 percent savings on
your power bill
98 Lyman Street
South Hadley MA 01075
ph 413-538-5158